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Spectacle des ateliers - Côté Jeu Nous - Salle des fêtes 20h
 Du 01/07/2017 au 02/07/2017
Journée Portes Ouvertes au Parc de Loisirs - animations Pêche en Float Tube, exposition pêche, découverte du Swin golf, initiation à la voile, balade espace nature et loisirs, bateau école.
 Du 01/07/2017 au 02/07/2017
Journée Portes Ouvertes au grand Parc de Loisirs - 14h à 18h30
Les Estiv'Halles - Défilé des Majorettes de 14h à 17h Place des Halles
Les Estiv'Halles - Gym Volontaire : 9h45 Marche nordique - 10h Gym volontaire - 14h30 Zumba - Rdv place des Halles
Les Estiv'Halles - Initiations à l'Aquarelle de 10h à 17h place des Halles


Fitness trail
Available free from the bridge that spans the Ozanne at a place called ‘Crochet’, the health feature provides 18 workshops and other activities spread over 1700 metres.

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The 28-hectare pond contains pike, carp, roach, and bleak ...
A stretch of water is available for carp fishing by the day, the weekend or the week, with the possibility of accommodation on site.

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Sailing activity is provided by the Brou Yachting Club (open Bic boats for children and teenagers, small ‘optimiste’ boats, catamarans, dinghies, windsurfers) .
Open to leisure groups, school groups, works councils and people with multiple disabilities.

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Swin Golf
swin-golf 1Swin-golf is an activity open to all, in a spirit of relaxation and conviviality in a rural setting. In this sport, derived from golf, play is reduced to a single three sided club and a harmless soft rubber ball.
The Swin Association of Brou is available to teach you how to handle the club, whilst explaining the basic rules and advising you on how to play each course. After just a quarter of an hour’s training, you will have access to seven hectares of golf course, at your own pace.
Access via the road from Nogent.

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Activities offered by the ‘Friends of the Horse’ Club :

  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Equestrian Games
  • Walks
  • Care of horses and ponies

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1 tennis court