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Spectacle des ateliers - Côté Jeu Nous - Salle des fêtes 20h
 Du 01/07/2017 au 02/07/2017
Journée Portes Ouvertes au Parc de Loisirs - animations Pêche en Float Tube, exposition pêche, découverte du Swin golf, initiation à la voile, balade espace nature et loisirs, bateau école.
 Du 01/07/2017 au 02/07/2017
Journée Portes Ouvertes au grand Parc de Loisirs - 14h à 18h30
Les Estiv'Halles - Défilé des Majorettes de 14h à 17h Place des Halles
Les Estiv'Halles - Gym Volontaire : 9h45 Marche nordique - 10h Gym volontaire - 14h30 Zumba - Rdv place des Halles
Les Estiv'Halles - Initiations à l'Aquarelle de 10h à 17h place des Halles


The Wednesday market
Since the late twelfth century, Wednesday has been market day in Brou.
So it took place then in a wooden hall built before 1368, measuring more than double the present hall, which offers a covered market for cereals, meat products and woven goods made in the region.
The present smaller Hall was built in stone in 1846. From the beginning of the century to 1940, the markets for calves and for poultry, major events in the area, made Brou’s Hall famous.
marché place du dauphinmarché aux volaillesToday, the market dominates the town centre.
And if over the years, the reputation and popularity of the Brou market have lasted, it is also thanks to seasonal events organised by regular and occasional traders.

marché dimanche

The Sunday Market
A market is held every Sunday morning in the hall during winter and the Matrassière Square on sunny days.

The evening markets
Two markets take place in the evenings during summer. Handicraft and local products, in addition to more traditional stalls, all within the Place des Halles.